Med Standards

This application presents the medical standards for special duty personnel of the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy as well as other useful tools and information for Aerospace Medicine professionals. All AFIs, ARs, and Navy documents were screened and approved for inclusion in this application by Air Force Public Affairs.

Updates with new document versions will occur once every four to six weeks.  For questions, concerns, and/or suggestions, please eMail

Privacy Policy

This app does not collect any information on its users.


7 thoughts on “Med Standards

    1. Hi Matt,

      Would love to eventually make an Android version; however, I’m now in the middle of residency so free time is scarce. If I had originally created Med Standards as a web app, then I’d easily be able to use some transition software to convert it over to Andoid, but I used Swift, a native iOS programming language, which will require me to rework it a bit. Maybe sometime in the future!



    1. Hey Jessica,

      Thanks for your question. Yes, all of the documents are updated regularly, and I update the app every 4-6 weeks to include the most recent versions of the documents.



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